SAN FRANCISCO — “Everywhere you look… Everywhere you look…”

You know the theme song.

The cast of Full House has teamed up to create a new version of their hit show’s title sequence -- but with a twist. 

Welcome湖北快三开奖结果 to “Full Quarantine.”

Bob Saget earlier this week -- and it has become an instant hit. You can watch it below.

The spoof video opens with the iconic shot of the Golden Gate Bridge before cutting to John Stamos -- aka Uncle Jesse -- struggling to squeeze the last drop of hair gel out of his bottle.

Saget’s character pops up next in true Danny Tanner fashion with chores on the brain. He starts with some hand sanitizer before getting ready to clean the house.

on Wednesday, April 8, 湖北快三开奖结果

Oh, cut it out. Dave Coulier’s always goofy Uncle Joey is then seen fishing for pizza (yes, pizza) all by himself.

Although there are no appearances from the Olsen twins, other characters included in the video are:

  • Candace Cameron Bure plunging a toilet as D.J. Tanner.
  • Jodie Sweetin sleeping in as Stephanie Tanner.
  • Andrea Barber searching her fridge for food as Kimmy Gibbler -- wearing her traditionally awkward clothing, of course.

The video ends with this message: “Stay safe and stay 湖北快三开奖结果. Unlike Full House, this will all go away.”

To refresh your memory, here's a glimpse at how the theme song is supposed to look:

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