CLEVELAND — Today is Good Friday, a solemn occasion for Christians around the world.

According to religious tradition, today marks the day Jesus Christ was crucified and suffered death under Pontius Pilate, only to rise again days later (Easter). Denominations across the globe usually mark the occasion with fasting, prayer, and even church services, although officially it is the only day Mass is not held.

Things are certainly different this year, as stay-at-湖北快三开奖结果 orders during the coronavirus pandemic have brought things to a standstill. While religious institutions are exempt from many of these orders in the United States, most have decided to abide by the guidelines and suspend public gatherings.

This means people will have to get creative this Holy Week, and one local member of the clergy did just that: This morning, Anglican Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson decided to walk from her 湖北快三开奖结果 on Cleveland's Edgewater Drive all the way down to Edgewater Park while carrying the "Old Rugged Cross." She was joined by her husband each step of the way.

Christine Johnson husband
Devin Lamb, 3News

A native of England, Archbishop Johnson is the highest ranking female clergy member in the world. She currently serves as Archbishop Primus Inter Pares of Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church, along with .

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